Gayville-Volin School

Gayville-Volin School District 63-1

The Gayville-Volin School District serves a diverse population in the communities of Gayville, Volin, Mission Hill, Yankton and Vermillion. Gayville-Volin is a consolidated school district since 1969. A new school building was constructed in 1998 and is housed in the City of Gayville.

Enrollment at the school has steadily increased in size the last 15 years. All students in PK through 12th grade have a computer device to use for learning. Students in PK through 2nd grade have tablets and students in 3rd through 12th grade have laptops. Students have a wide variety of classes to choose from and have options for college level classes starting their sophomore year. Students who are not able to find courses offered locally also have the option of enrolling in South Dakota’s Virtual High School. For course information, please contact: Natalie Selchert, Guidance Counselor – [email protected]

The school district has a bus service from Yankton to Gayville. South Dakota has an open enrollment provision, so student may attend the school of their choice. Interested parties should contact either Patrick Beeman for elementary aged students or Justin Karsten for middle school and high school enrollments. They can call 605-267-4476 between the hours of 8:00 – 4:00 p.m.

*Enrollment For 2015-2016: 292

*Teacher/Student Ratio: 13: 1
Gayville-Volin School District 63-1
100 Kingsbury, PO Box 158
Gayville, SD 57031
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